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Arizona VIN Check

VIN Check A Vehicle Identification Number, also known as a VIN, is a serial number attached to each vehicle for identification purposes.
Arizona VIN Check Arizona VIN Check

How to Perform a VIN Lookup in Arizona?

VIN checks are a great way of ascertaining the information claimed by dealers and individual vehicle sellers. Running a VIN check is an excellent way to perform due diligence on a vehicle of interest, so interested parties may view recall information, vehicle specifications, accident histories, and ownership history. The goal is to provide consumers with a detailed report so they can make an informed decision. This information is also produced and cataloged in line with the highest industry standards; hence, GoodCar is an approved NMVTIS data supplier.

How to Perform a VIN Lookup in Arizona?

How to Find Your Car's VIN Number?

Vehicle Identification Numbers are unique codes assigned to each model detailing specifications. The VIN is public information, considering it is openly displayed on the dashboard near the windshield. It may also be found within the driver's side door jamb. The code can also be located under the hood near the engine.

How to Perform a VIN Lookup in Arizona?

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?
Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Vehicle History

Interested parties can view a vehicle's history through several sections of the Arizona VIN check report. The Title Records section is useful for tracking when new titles are issued for the vehicle, while the Ownership History offers details about the time of ownership and miles driven. The Accidents, Total Loss Record, and Junk / Salvage Records sections offer clues about past accidents and indications that a vehicle is totaled. Finally, the Problem Checks section offers information about 40 serious defects that could all lead to a Title Brand. Between these sections of the report, you can gain an understanding of the vehicle's history.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Title Verification

Through the Title Records section users can quickly see all the instances a new title was issued for the vehicle. The Problem Checks section is also known as the Title Brand section, and it looks for any brands on the title. Brands are placed on the title for things like flood and fire damage, vandalism, a vehicle being salvaged, antique or classic designations, thefts, VIN replacement, and much more. 40 conditions are tracked within the Problem Checks section of the report, providing a substantial amount of information concerning the vehicle and its title.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Accident History

Arizona VIN checks should include an accident history assessment. The state ranks among the top ten in irresponsible drivers, so there is a propensity for accidents. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of vehicle collisions in the state, so requesters may inspect vehicles to determine if they were involved in an accident before purchase. The Arizona VIN check tool by GoodCar lists each documented accident in the Accidents section of the report. Viewing an accident check may also give parties leverage in negotiating the given pricing.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Mileage Verification

The last reported mileage figure for the vehicle is listed under the Mileage segment of the GoodCar report, along with an estimated current mileage figure. The Title Records section includes recorded mileage figures each time a new title was issued for the vehicle, giving buyers a way to track mileage numbers over time. The Problem Checks section of the Arizona VIN check looks for recorded incidences of odometer fraud, replacement, and other mileage inconsistencies. Reading an Arizona VIN check search report is an excellent way to double-check that mileage numbers are accurate for the vehicle. In Arizona, the cases of odometer rollbacks have increased by 12 percent recently, so it would be a good idea to search the records and ensure they check out.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Accurate Vehicle Specifications

Knowing accurate specifications for a vehicle is essential when making a purchase. It's impossible to know what a vehicle is worth without knowing the features included in a vehicle, including safety, comfort, and entertainment features. An Arizona VIN check from GoodCar covers all the important vehicle specifications under the Auto Specs section. There you'll find warranty information, safety features, comfort and entertainment features, measurements, color options, the vehicle trim and engine type, and more. Checking a VIN report is the fastest way to verify the supplied specifications are accurate.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Arizona Emissions Standards Compliance

Vehicles in certain counties, such as Maricopa and Pima, must undergo emissions testing for registration or renewals. That is, vehicles from 1967 model years to 2018 for both petrol and diesel configurations. Fuel-flexible E85 and hybrids also require emissions testing. It is worth noting that anyone who commutes to Phoenix or Tucson regularly will be required to get emissions tests done. There are other exemptions from Arizona emissions testing as well. That is, vehicles registered to an individual, not within Phoenix or Tucson. Vehicles younger than five or older than 1966 model years are also exempt from testing. Motorcycles, all-electric vehicles, and golf carts do not have to go through emissions tests. If the vehicle does not pass emissions testing, inspection personnel will provide the specific failure codes needed for fixing the errors. The repair facility will also issue an estimate. Once the vehicle has passed the inspection, the parties may proceed with registration renewals as per the Motor Vehicle Division. A VIN check search is a simple way to verify the age of a vehicle, making it clear whether it requires emission testing.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Recalls and Safety Standards

Recalls are a serious safety hazard that impacts most vehicles on the road today. By visiting the NHTSA Recalls section of a GoodCar VIN report it's easy to look for any recalls and to get details about the defect and how it's to be repaired. Thousands of vehicles in the state are still being operated despite having been recalled by the manufacturer. A quick check on the site will reveal if the vehicle is one of them. It will help parties avoid typical liabilities associated with operating an unsafe vehicle. The Auto Specs section of the report is useful for learning about standard safety features included with the vehicle, making it easy to determine how safe it is.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Theft Check

Theft checks on vehicles are also important as they help prospective buyers avoid the criminal liability of possessing stolen goods. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 17,937 auto-related thefts in 2020. The state ranks 14th in total number of vehicle-related theft. It is average, but verifying via theft checks and titling would still be advisable to determine if the vehicle was involved in suspicious activities. An Arizona VIN check is an effective way to identify known stolen vehicles. Visit the Problem Checks section and see if a vehicle has either the Stolen or Recovered Theft title brands. Performing this quick check saves one from unnecessary trouble with the law, considering possessing stolen goods is a felony. If the item's value is up to $25,000, it is regarded as a class 3 felony, which may attract a sentence jail term of 2 to 8.75 years.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Previous Police, Taxi or Rental Vehicles

Many vehicles in Arizona start as police cars, rental vehicles, or taxis and go on to be sold as used vehicles. Some sellers tell the buyer about the vehicle's history, but many don't. Ex-police vehicles, taxis, and rental cars may have higher mileage and are more likely to have suffered accidents and additional wear. These types of vehicles normally have a lower resale value as well. By using an Arizona VIN check search one can determine if a vehicle was used for these purposes by viewing the Problem Checks section for the Police, Taxi, and Rental Car title brands. After the information is verified, the buyer can ask for a deeper discount or choose a different vehicle with no commercial past.

Why Should I Run a AZ VIN Check?

Natural Disaster-Related Reasons

Arizona may not be prone to humidity or hurricanes, but it does experience heat waves, wildfires, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Considering the typical temperatures, vehicles have a higher chance of fire damage. Fortunately, the Problem Checks section allows requesters to view if the vehicle has been exposed to fire or hail damage.

Arizona Lemon Lawsand How They Relate to VIN Checks

Arizona Lemon Laws
and How They Relate to VIN Checks

According to Arizona lemon statutes, manufacturers must repair or replace products, provided they meet specific criteria. That is, the vehicle has a safety defect that affects its operation on the road. In Arizona, a lemon is a vehicle that seemed perfectly fine when bought by the customer but had concealed issues that affected its use. To get complete protection, it could be a mechanical issue that impairs the value and use of the vehicle.

Similarly, a reasonable period must have elapsed for repair to take place. Mechanical failures must also occur within the first two years of ownership. If a serious problem is discovered during the first two years or 24,000 miles, the new owner can file a complaint under the state lemon law. In such a case, dealers must make a reasonable number of attempts to repair the vehicle appropriately. If they fail to repair the vehicle, the buyer is entitled to a complete replacement.

The replacement must be of similar value and features to the one submitted to the manufacturer. By using an Arizona VIN check it's easy to look for serious recalls in the NHTSA Recalls section, and to learn of recorded mileage figures and length of ownership for previous owners by using the Title Records and Ownership History sections.

Arizona Lemon Lawsand How They Relate to VIN Checks

The Title Transfer Process

When one purchases a vehicle, state law requires applying for a title within 15 days of the sale transaction. Most vehicles would be registered for one to five years, though it depends on the emissions requirements. If the vehicle was first registered in another state and the goal is to use it in Arizona, it must be registered there as soon as one becomes a resident. The prerequisite documents for title transfer include the title from the vehicle seller, a certified copy of the power of attorney, proof of insurance, and identity. If the vehicle has a lien yet to be paid off, the lender should give written permission to add or delete a name. Title fees are $4.

Arizona Lemon Lawsand How They Relate to VIN Checks

Arizona Insurance and Registration Requirements

The state requires that each vehicle that operates on the roads is covered by insurance by a licensed company within the state. Financial covers should at least have a $25,000 bodily injury cover for one person and $50,000 for two or more individuals. There is also a $15,000 property damage liability. To register a vehicle upon getting the vehicle title, the applicant needs a valid Arizona driver's license, emissions test, proof of insurance, proof of ownership, liens if relevant, and a signed application. The registration fee is $8.

Arizona Lemon Lawsand How They Relate to VIN Checks

Arizona Titling Requirements and Sales Tax

When a person titles or registers a vehicle in Arizona, the information is electronically stored, and there is no longer a need for a paper title. The information is available via the AZ MVD Now account. The title must also be applied within 15 days of the purchase to register the vehicle. The driver's license and initial title registration will require a personal visit to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Services. To register the vehicle. The sales tax on all vehicles is 5.6%.

Arizona Lemon Lawsand How They Relate to VIN Checks

Arizona-Assigned VINs

Usually, the manufacturer provides a VIN specific to each vehicle. However, there are cases where specially marked serial numbers for homemade trailers are issued. That is even for trailers whose VIN is altered, defaced, or illegible. The new identifier contains all its information.

Why Choose GoodCar for Arizona VIN Lookup?

Why Choose GoodCar for Arizona VIN Lookup?

GoodCar is the one-stop shop for comprehensive vehicle history reports and contains everything from ownership data, vehicle specifications, fire damage, and accident history to the title history of the vehicle. The data provided is of the highest industry standards, placing customers in the best position to make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questionsabout Arizona VIN Checks

Frequently Asked Questions
about Arizona VIN Checks

  1. Who Issues a Vehicle's VIN Number in Arizona?

    VIN numbers are provided by vehicle manufacturers, but they can also be assigned by the state for trailers that do not have VIN or they have become too illegible to read.

  2. How do I verify a VIN number in Arizona?

    VIN numbers can be checked by an approved state law enforcement agency member or the Arizona Department of Transportation enforcement and compliance decision.

  3. Is it safe to check a Arizona VIN online?

    It is safe to check an Arizona VIN online as the information is relatively public. Customers are also encouraged to view the vehicle records of the specific ones they are interested in.

  4. Do I need a VIN inspection in Arizona?

    Yes, VIN inspections are required for two counties in the state which are Maricopa and Pima because they have densely populated cities.

  5. Are Arizona VIN checks necessary for out-of-state vehicles brought into Arizona?

    Yes, Arizona requires that VIN checks be conducted for out-of-state vehicles. Vehicle owners are required to give proof of identity, titles, driver's licenses, and receipts for all parts that have been repaired or replaced.

  6. What does a Arizona VIN check reveal?

    An Arizona VIN check will show the interested party several elements of the vehicle records, such as the vehicle features, odometer readings, problem checks, accident instances, and sales records.

  7. Is it safe to give out a VIN in Arizona?

    It is safe to give out a Vehicle Identification Number in Arizona, considering the information is publicly available on vehicles. Requesters may also use the VIN to access vehicle records.

  8. Can you ask for the VIN from a Arizona seller?

    Yes, it is advisable to ask for a VIN number from an Arizona seller because it creates an environment of transparency. The buyer can view all information concerning the requested vehicle and match it against the claims of the seller.