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Modern Car Safety Features And How They Work

Modern Car Safety Features And How They Work

Your vehicle is only as safe as the features protecting it. This is why you should always look at the different safety features your car comes with before making a new purchase. With advanced car safety features like lane keep assist, adaptive headlights, and assisted braking technology, you can stay safer with help from your car to handle some more things for you as you drive. Learn what technologies are best for your vehicles and what they can do for you.

An Overview of Car Safety Features List

  • Adaptive Headlights - Headlights swap between high and low beams for oncoming traffic.
  • Lane Keep Assist - Cars have cameras to monitor lane positions and keep cars in the proper lanes.
  • Automatic Braking - Vehicles can brake before hitting other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Sign Recognition - Some vehicles can read signs, report speed limits, and warn you about yields and stops.
  • Extra Airbags - Passengers are protected by side and rear airbags for extra safety.
  • Vehicle Communication - These systems enable vehicles to talk to one another and warn you about traffic.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive HeadlightsOne of the best car safety features for nighttime driving is adaptive headlights. Far too many drivers blind one another by leaving their headlights on the entire time they drive around. This directs too much light into the eyes of other drivers and can lead to accidents. Adaptive headlights sense other vehicles approaching and automatically turn off the high beams until after they pass. These lights keep you from having to remember to turn down your lights. When you have this car safety feature, you don't have to think about turning your lights up or down any longer, and that helps keep you focused on the road more when driving at night. Add in the fact that fewer drivers on the road will hit you with high beams, and you'll start seeing the benefit of this safety feature.

Lane Keep Assist

Some vehicles around today can keep you in your driving lane even if you start to drift a bit. There are vehicles equipped with sensors that can view the lines on the road you're traveling over. These vehicles can use the sensors and the line measurements to determine whether you are in your lane or not. If your car determines you are drifting, it will take automatic action to keep you in your lane if Lane Keep Assist is active. This is one of the best car safety features for driving on highways and in high-traffic situations.

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems

One of the most common types of accidents today is the rear-end collision. It's common for people to become distracted and miss the need to step on the brakes while driving. One of the car safety features you should really care about is automatic braking. These systems have sensors at the front of your vehicle that monitor the other vehicles ahead of you at all times. When the sensors see the car in front of you getting too close, it automatically slows you down to prevent you from colliding. If you are about to rear-end another driver, the vehicle will even press down on its brakes to help you avoid hitting the person in front of you. This is what makes AEBS one of the most important car safety features you'll experience today.

Extra Airbags

Extra AirbagsOne of the most essential car safety features added to vehicles is car airbags. Airbags have been protecting drivers for decades, but vehicles are finding new ways to add more airbags for their passengers. If you get into a serious crash and many airbags are present to protect you, you should avoid severe injuries due to the airbags. Many vans and other large vehicles add side curtain airbags and additional airbags that help keep everyone safe in the event of a really bad crash. These advanced safety features in cars keep everyone together while keeping them protected.

A Sign Recognition System

If you've ever forgotten what the speed limit was while driving, you know how easy it is to miss signs or to stop thinking about what they say. That's why it's helpful to have a vehicle with this safety feature that can actively read the signs and pass their information on to you. Unfortunately, it's still rare to find a vehicle that has the ability to read road signs. That doesn't mean it isn't possible, though. With enough searching, you should be able to find a ride that lets you know what the speed limit is, when a stop sign is coming up, and all the other important bits of information you have to think about while you drive. These details work well with the information offered by the sign recognition system to make sure you always know what you're doing while out on the road.

Auto-Pedestrian Braking

There's always a risk that you'll hit pedestrians while driving around. That's why one part of the new car safety features being offered today is a pedestrian braking system. The product watches for people and automatically slows down your ride when it sees them. If this system is in place, you'll be stopped whenever you drive at a pedestrian in a crosswalk or in another location. This safety feature in cars can help you avoid hitting strangers and will help keep you safe no matter how you drive.

Drowsiness Detection

Drowsiness DetectionOne of the most critical car safety features offered today is a drowsiness detection system. If you get tired behind the wheel, you are much more likely to get into an accident. Having a car that can sense when you're falling asleep and take action to wake you up is a powerful resource. This technology is currently being added to more modern vehicles, and it's likely you'll get a car that vibrates or makes noise whenever you begin falling asleep while driving. This is the best way to keep passengers safe, making it one of the best car safety features available.

Vehicle Communication Systems

Modern vehicles are beginning to come with technology enabling them to talk to one another. When your car can talk with other cars on the road, it can see when traffic is building up and let you know when a vehicle is around the corner before you reach it. As this technology matures, you'll begin having extra bits of information that keep you from getting hurt as you drive around. Advanced car safety features like these are the way of the future, and eventually, all vehicles will talk to one another in an effort to keep you and other drivers safe as you drive around.

Staying safe while out on the road is challenging, which is why safety features in cars are so valuable. Try and choose vehicles with all the safety features spoken about when looking for a new car. The benefits help keep you and other drivers safe, and for most people, that's priceless. Get a full vehicle history report on your vehicle before buying, and make sure to pick a vehicle that has the features you care about most. Do that, and you'll stay safer while driving around.

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