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Car Theft: Everything To Know to Prevent The Issue

Car Theft: Everything To Know to Prevent The Issue

Car theft is a serious issue that people are still dealing with today. Cars today are designed to be more difficult to steal than ever, but criminals are still capable of stealing most cars with the help of some advanced tools. Since cars are stolen all the time, it's important to learn what you can do to reduce the chances of your vehicle being taken and also how to react if your car is stolen.

How to Prevent Car Theft Through Simple Actions

You can discourage people from breaking into your vehicle and stealing your vehicle by developing some simple habits. Try and park in a well-lit area whenever you can, and always avoid leaving your keys in your vehicle. This means that you shouldn't start your vehicle in a public location and leave it running when you aren't there.

You should also always make sure your car is closed fully and locked when you aren't using it. Just locking your vehicle is enough to make it a more difficult target than some of the others around you, and it might keep intruders out.

Besides, for performing these simple tasks regularly, you should also be careful to hide any valuables that you keep in your vehicle. Place them in the trunk of your car if you must leave them there. However, it's far better to take any valuables with you when you leave your vehicle. To keep thieves from looking in your vehicle, you should consider adding sun shades to your windows when you aren't in the car. Simple sun shades make your vehicle less desirable to break into and will often keep thieves out.

Helpful Car Theft Prevention Accessories

Besides developing helpful habits like locking your car when you aren't using it and taking out any valuables, you can get some extra accessories to help you deal with potential thieves. Consider adding an immobilizer to the steering wheel of your vehicle. A simple immobilizer device makes it more difficult to drive away with your car and will slow thieves down or cause them to choose a different vehicle instead.

Consider investing in an alarm system for your vehicle as well if your vehicle does not have one standard. Get a system that makes a loud noise when your vehicle is broken into. You can even get an alarm system that will remotely alert you when someone breaks into your vehicle. This enables you to catch a thief before they have the time to get away with your vehicle at all.

Finally, you should add a tracker to your vehicle to help with locating it after it's stolen. You could get something as basic as an Airtag if you have Apple devices already. There are many other electronic trackers you can get for your vehicle as well, and they will help you locate your stolen car. Try and hide these locators in a spot on your vehicle so that the criminals won't find it. Hide it well, and you'll have a way to track down your car no matter where it's taken.

Act Fast If Your Vehicle is Stolen

If you learn that your vehicle has been stolen, it's essential you file a report with the local police department as soon as possible. Contact the police about the theft and give the officer your license plate number, the make, model, and color of your vehicle as well as the last place it was before it was stolen. If you have a tracker, you can also give the officers the current location of your vehicle to help them track it down.

It's important to file a police report as soon as you notice your vehicle has been taken. You cannot file with your insurance company for the theft until you have proof of the police report. Show off the report to your insurance agent, and you can get coverage for damage or a complete loss of your vehicle in many cases.

How Do I Get My Car Out of Anti-Theft Mode?

Most modern vehicles have an anti-theft system that works to help prevent thieves from driving away with your vehicle. These systems usually blast a loud alarm and lock the engine to prevent it from starting. The system is a powerful deterrent for many thieves, but it can also cause you problems if your key fob dies or you reset your car battery. How Do I Get My Car Out of Anti-Theft Mode?

If your anti-theft system is going off and you are struggling to get it to stop, there are a few different things you can do. The most obvious solution is to press the unlock button on your key fob, and this is always what you should do if you have that option. If it isn't working, you will have to move on with the steps outlined below.

The first option is to place your key in the ignition and turn it to the on position to turn on the accessories in your vehicle but not start the car. Do this and then turn the car off and try doing that a few times to see if that stops the anti-theft programming and enables you to start your vehicle.

You can also put your key in the door of your vehicle and lock and unlock it or leave the key in position for approximately 30 seconds. Some vehicles can detect either of these actions to turn off the anti-theft system.

If all of the steps outlined above don't work, you may have to work with a professional to get your anti-theft system resolved. A dead keyfob can cause all sorts of issues with modern vehicles, which is why it's important to replace the batteries in your fob regularly to prevent it from being an issue.

Many modern vehicles are equipped with advanced technologies to make them more difficult to steal. Along with checking the car history report when looking at a vehicle you're considering purchasing, look at all the anti-theft features and safety features to help you decide which vehicle will be the most reliable and well-protected for you. By choosing a vehicle that's difficult to steal and following the actions outlined above, you can make yourself a difficult target for thieves. Taking action to protect your vehicle will prevent most car thefts, so it isn't a serious issue for you.

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