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Illinois License Plate Lookup

Check License Plate Now GoodCar's license plate lookup provides interested parties with the right information on their vehicles.
Illinois License Plate Lookup Illinois License Plate Lookup

How to check a vehicle's history by performing a Illinois License plate lookup

An Illinois license plate search is great for buyers looking to perform due diligence on their vehicles, from specifications to damage checks. Fortunately, GoodCar provides customers with a comprehensive report detailing problem checks, titling issues, accident histories, and all features. The information is comprehensive as the platform is an approved NMVTIS data provider. Through the tools provided, interested parties can determine if their vehicles have been in accidents, experienced natural damage, or been involved in suspicious activities. It provides a full scope of the records from manufacture to current ownership, and the locations traveled in between.

License Plates

License Plates

Illinois License plate searches give clients a rundown of the vehicle's records, encompassing different departments. Problem checks, for one, entail accident records, fire, hail damage, and much more. It also considers crashes or if the vehicle has been restored. These will be accompanied by relevant documentation as well. The titling checks section shows odometer records and locations where the title was registered, along with relevant dates. These ensure the vehicle has gone through the proper checks. Pricing and vehicular specifications are also provided, allowing individuals to verify the features provided.



The Vehicle&acirc's Identification Number is a unique 17 number and letter code each car has on the door jamb or the driver's side windscreen. It may also be used instead of the license plate lookup should it be unavailable. By inputting the VIN on the search bar of the GoodCar platform, requesters may access the same records, such as vehicle specifications, accident histories, theft checks, and much more.

Reasons to Run License Plate Search in Illinois

Reasons to Run License Plate Search in Illinois

Illinois license plate checks are required when making a vehicle purchase. Rather than going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to conduct a license plate lookup, it is possible to do this online at one's convenience. GoodCar allows customers to access vehicle history from the comfort of their homes. Certain checks, including damage checks, vehicle specifications, and pricing, can be verified online without seeing the vehicle in person. The license search also verifies claims issued by individual sellers concerning vehicles. Considering the documentation on vehicle history is mentioned by the platform, it serves as an accountability partner for car buyers needing verification. This prevents the potential issue of legal liability arising from a caveat on the vehicle. It is illegal in Illinois to handle stolen material, and the act is classified as a grade 2 felony, leading to a penalty of three to seven years in prison.

What Can You Get Out of a Illinois License Plate Lookup?

An Illinois plate search provides customers with several amenities, including a comprehensive report on the vehicle features. The buyer can use this as a due diligence approach to verify they get what the seller claims to provide. Unscrupulous sellers may attempt to market the vehicle as something it is not by indicating false specifications to boost the pricing. Fortunately, the vehicle history reports make it easier for customers by fostering an environment of transparency.

It is also convenient for purchases and other interested parties looking to view a vehicle's specifications. Viewing these details from the comfort of one&acirc's home is appealing. It allows the requester to view everything about a vehicle, including pricing and if it was involved in an accident, without necessarily considering it in person.

From a liability standpoint, it is also essential to recognize the titling check advantage provided. Prospective buyers may assess if the vehicle has title issues by utilizing theft checks and registration discrepancies. It is also to avoid litigation in case the vehicle was stolen.

Vehicle Records

Vehicle Records

The platform has a comprehensive report database, allowing individuals to search everything about a vehicle's history. GoodCar's databases are provided by public and private accredited sources; it is also an approved NMVTIS data provider.

Title Brands and Problem Checks

Title Brands and Problem Checks

Potential buyers may want to access the title brand areas to access information on fire, flood, or fire damage, rebuilding, reconstruction, and much more.

Tracing a Vehicle’s History for Used Car Purchases with Ohio Plate Checks

Tracing a Vehicle's History for Used Car Purchases with Ohio Plate Checks

Illinois license plates are essential for customers to determine if their vehicle is prone to liabilities. Unfortunately, the state experienced the biggest increase in theft of vehicles in 2022. Overall, Illinois is ranked 5th in the country with 38,649 thefts. These figures prompt any potential car buyer to perform their due diligence because of the potential liability linked with handling stolen items.

Why Choose GoodCar for Illinois Plate Lookups?

Why Choose GoodCar for Illinois Plate Lookups?

With GoodCar, customers get a full view of a vehicle's records, from its specifications to problems experienced by the manufacturer. One would be hard-pressed to find these records in one place elsewhere. The platform is also known for being up-to-date and extensive. GoodCar's information is sourced from public and private databases.

License Plate Types in Illinois

The state first required citizens to register vehicles in 1907. From 1912 to 1978, Illinois license plates were provided on an annual basis, and they demonstrated when they were issued. The most varied part of the license plate, though, is the color. These have significantly ranged from orange to white, red, and blue in the mid-70s. As of the 2020s, front and rear-end plates were needed for most vehicle options. The current look of the Illinois license plate is a white background with blue lettering and the state's name in the background.

Standard Issue License Plates

Standard Issue License Plates

The general license plate in Illinois is a white background with blue lettering. There is a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, and the plate has 'Land of Lincoln', inscribed at the bottom. There is a light blue plate as well with a white cityscape, as well.

Personalized License plates

Personalized License plates

If the license plates have a vanity or personalization option, it will be illustrated on the specific plate page. Applicants can select the plate of choice and purchase their preference. Applicants are not allowed to get plates that may be controversial or offensive to any party. The cost of an initial personalized plate is $158.

Specialty License Plates

Specialty License Plates

Illinois special interest plates are issued to individuals who would like affiliation with particular groups, such as persons with disabilities, charities, or the military. Other groups include professional sports, antiques, or collegiate. It costs $164.

How to Get a License Plate in Illinois

How to Get a
License Plate in Illinois

To get a license plate in Illinois, a resident is required to register their vehicle with the secretary of state. There are different documentation to provide, including proof of residency, ownership, decryption of the vehicle, odometer disclosure documentation, and a private party tax transaction form. There is a $101 registration fee, and the titling cost is $95, with the potential of additional fees.

State regulations also mandate that 1996 and newer gas-powered vehicles are subject to fuel emission inspection after they reach four years. That means 2019 vehicles will be inspected in 2023 for the first time. In adherence with this, buyers registering their plates must comply with these regulations to complete the process.

IL License Plate Renewal

Illinois license plate renewal can be done online or in person, depending on their preference. All one needs in their registration ID and a form of payment. A notice will be issued when the license plate is nearing expiry. In this event, the registration ID and PIN are on the renewal notice. If the individual does not have a renewal notice or a current registration card, they may call the Public Inquiry Division. For mail options, the check is to be issued to the Illinois Secretary of State. Applicants must sign their names at the bottom part of the renewal notice. Currently, the fee for renewing a license plate is $24.

IL License Plate Replacement

Illinois license plates may be replaced when lost, defaced, damaged, or illegible. The application would be made in person at the Secretary of State facility, via mail, or an online request. It costs $6 to replace one plate or $9 for two, while the sticker is a further $20.

Frequently Asked Questions about Illinois License Plate Lookups

Frequently Asked Questions about
Illinois License Plate Lookups

  1. Is it Legal To Lookup Someone's License Plate Numbers in Illinois?

    In Illinois, searching a person's license plate number is legal, provided the lookup concerns nonconfidential information on the vehicle. That is, vehicle features, mileage readings, problem evaluations, and accident history.

  2. Can I Lookup IL License Plates for Free?

    Everyone can access free search to match a plate on the platform. However, if you want to access comprehensive reports, you need to purchase access. GoodCar offers purchase options for users for as low as $2.95.

  3. Can I use Illinois license plate lookup services to find out about a vehicle's accident history?

    Requesters may use the Illinois license plate search tools to access the vehicle's accident history. In this case, the goal is to verify if the vehicle was involved in an accident or a previous collision. That allows interested parties to access the platform&acirc's reports to determine the potential repairs and documentation following accident occurrence. This should give an idea of any potential issues the vehicle may have and allow wiggle room when negotiating the retail pricing.

  4. Will the license plate lookup reflect the new owner's details if a vehicle has recently been sold in Illinois?

    The Illinois plate search provides information on the latest vehicle associated with the license plate number.

  5. Do all Illinois license plate lookups work for custom or personalized plates?

    Illinois license plate searches are available for personalized or customized plates. The personalized plate is linked to the vehicle's vehicle identification number, providing access to the same records. With this in mind, interested parties can use the search to do the same accident history checks or vehicle features.