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Ohio License Plate Lookup

Check License Plate Now GoodCar's license plate lookup provides interested parties with the right information on their vehicles.
Ohio License Plate Lookup Ohio License Plate Lookup

How to check a vehicle's history by performing a Ohio License plate lookup

Ohio license plate lookups tools are available for buyers and sellers looking to know more about a vehicle's history. These searches allow interested parties to view different aspects of the vehicle, such as maintenance checks, automobile specifications, and if it was involved in an accident. These documents may guide the relevant parties to determine if the vehicles are a good investment. Likewise, it can be used to determine what is required to comply with the law. The information is sourced from public and private databases and is up to date. GoodCar's reports are comprehensive, considering the platform is an approved NMVTIS data provider.

License Plates

License Plates

Sometimes, one may have the license plate number but want to determine specific information concerning the vehicle that would not be available otherwise. Fortunately, GoodCar is an approved NMVTIS data provider, so interested parties can view nonconfidential but aggregated data such as make, specifications, accident history, and more.



Vehicle Identification Number is an identifying code unique to each car. It would be compared to the vehicle's fingerprint so requesters can initiate reports using the VIN. It is composed of 17 characters, which are digits and capital letters. The VIN is on the corner of the driver's side dashboard, which meets the windshield. This number may also be found on the driver's side jamb. At first sight, the VIN displays the vehicle's unique attributes and specifications. It may also be used in place of the license plate number to track vehicle history records.

Reasons to Run License Plate Search in Ohio

Reasons to Run License Plate Search in Ohio

Ohio license plate searches are essential in this era. It comes from a standpoint where taking on as little liability as possible would be advisable. If the vehicle was involved in a major collision and then repaired, the plate search should be able to reveal what type of damage occurred, junk or salvage classification or rebuild records. In Ohio, there have been 1242 fatal car accidents, and 1354 deaths were reported in 2021. The population size influences the high number of accidents in the state and its central location, making it one of the main transportation hubs. It makes sense to check an Ohio plate to see if it has been involved in an accident before or classified as junk and refurbished. These aspects would have a bearing on the overall price of the vehicle. 

GoodCar's title check tools allow interested parties to see if a license plate is associated with theft. This is pertinent for Ohio, as the state has had an increasing vehicle theft rate over the previous six months. Cleveland car thefts are twice what they were from the first half of 2023. 

In cases involving financial disputes, Ohio license plate lookups can also help when it comes to locating vehicles that are owned by people who have outstanding debts or assets that are subject to recovery. Requesters can find the information by checking the liens associated with a specific plate number.

What Can You Get Out of a Ohio License Plate Lookup?

Ohio License plate searches allow the requester to compile significant information on the vehicle of interest. It can span several elements, from vehicle specifications to past recurring problems. Fortunately, the information is extensive as GoodCar sources the data from outlets like the NMVTIS, a DOJ-designated database

Vehicle Records

Vehicle Records

The vehicle history reports generated by the platform are noted as an accepted industry standard as an NMVTIS data provider. By accessing the vehicle history, interested parties may determine model specifications, theft checks, and accident reports.

Tracing a Vehicle’s History for Used Car Purchases with Ohio Plate Checks

Tracing a Vehicle's History for Used Car Purchases with Ohio Plate Checks

The Ohio License plate lookup service is essential for parties purchasing used vehicles. From a due diligence position, it can assist buyers in determining if there is liability associated with a particular vehicle. The state ranks high in theft, so it is not a leap to confirm if the vehicle is not related to illegal activities. That is, considering receiving stolen property is a 3rd-degree felony. That is if the stolen property is valued upwards of $7,500 to $150,000. There is also a penalty of six to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Why Choose GoodCar for Ohio Plate Lookups?

Why Choose GoodCar for Ohio Plate Lookups?

GoodCar provides a premier license plate search service detailing a comprehensive account of a vehicle's history. That is everything parties need to know about a vehicle. It is an all-in-one information hub allowing requesters to view all pertinent information in one sitting. The information provided is also comprehensive, considering it is an approved NMVTIS data provider. GoodCar also offers flexible options to access the data, as individuals may use one-time purchases or pay for a package if they need thorough reports.

License Plate Types in Ohio

Ohio passed its initial legislation concerning the registration of motor vehicles in 1906. The first license plates were made of porcelain and steel, and the plate backgrounds were blue. Though the first plates were plates, they were soon replaced by metal in 1912. In 1935, a county coding scheme was introduced. It was used until the 1970s before the system failed in the most populous states. The design has also changed severally, though lighter colors were first introduced in 2001, beginning with dark blue on reflective white. At present, it is a dark blue on rolling hills with a farm as well as a distant skyline.

Standard Issue License Plates

Standard Issue License Plates

There are three general issue license plate options in Ohio. Firstly, there are the all-American red, white, and blue type plates. Ohio is on the border of the top of the plate with a red background, while the plate number is dark blue on a white background. Secondly, there is a Sunrise in Ohio plate, where the plate is written on a wheat field, and the sunrise is in the background. Thirdly, there is the Beautiful Ohio type plates that are an older version of the Sunrise in Ohio version. These were initiated in 2009 and represented as blue and yellow.

Personalized License plates

Personalized License plates

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles within the state presides over issuing and distributing personalized license plates. Ohio will also allow the interested party to determine the particular lettering they prefer, provided it is not offensive or degrading. These plates may be ordered online, and it would take an estimated eight weeks to allow for processing and delivery. To get a personalized plate, an individual must own a registered Ohio vehicle at the time of application. A $50 personalization fee is also charged in addition to the standard registration fee, which is $31.

Specialty License Plates

Specialty License Plates

The state also allows parties to purchase and install special interest plates depending on their affiliation to a group. It may be organizational, collegiate, historical, disability-related, or a professional sports team. These are $35 above the annual registration fee, and $25 is tax deductible. That is except for military specialty plates, which are free of charge.

How to Get a License Plate in Ohio

How to Get a
License Plate in Ohio

New residents within the state must have an active insurance policy when registering their vehicle. The registration obligation falls on them regardless of the purchase origin. New residents must get a vehicle title before registering, which will act as proof of ownership. During registration, the residents also have to provide a driver's license or photographic Identification or proof of social security number; if the vehicle has been leased, the legal personnel has to submit a Power of Attorney for Ohio Vehicle Registration. Proof of insurance is not always needed, but Ohio residents can be randomly selected to prove they have automotive insurance before completing the registration. License plates will also be mailed to the address on the resident's registration. They will get a temporary permit allowing residents to drive legally while they wait for the plate. This typically expires in 45 days.

OH License Plate Renewal

Ohio residents may renew their license plates in person, via mail, or online via the Bureau of Motor Vehicles outlet. In-person, residents would be required to visit the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and submit the renewal application. Alternatively, it can be done by mail or online via the BMV website. The renewal fee for license plates in Ohio is $27.75. Vehicle owners may renew their licenses when it is set to expire in six months or less. If one renews more than 90 days before the expiration date, the new license will expire in three years. Though, if they do it within 90 days of the expiration, it will expire in four years.

OH License Plate Replacement

The state allows for replacing license plates if they are stolen, lost, or damaged. Parties may apply in person, via mail, or online. For online orders, the requester would submit their vehicle information and the shipping address so that it is delivered to their residence. With mail, the party would provide the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with a completed application for the replacement plates. Though most do not appreciate in-person appointments, going in person for the replacement at the BMW is possible. Usually, the replacement fee costs a total of $12.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio License Plate Lookups

Frequently Asked Questions about
Ohio License Plate Lookups

  1. Is it Legal To Lookup Someone's License Plate Numbers in Ohio?

    It is legal to look up a license plate number and view the vehicle history detailing all records, including accident reports.

  2. Can I Lookup OH License Plates for Free?

    It is possible to view a free search of matching plates, though GoodCar requires individuals to pay for a package to view detailed information on the vehicle. There are purchase options for users for as low as $2.95.

  3. Can I use Ohio license plate lookup services to find out about a vehicle's accident history?

    Ohio license plate lookup services allow interested parties to find the vehicle's accident history. The accident history is a look into the vehicle's past and whether it has been involved in fender benders or collisions. This can help buyers determine if a vehicle is a good buy or is susceptible to issues.

  4. Will the license plate lookup reflect the new owner's details if a vehicle has recently been sold in Ohio?

    Ohio's GoodCar plate searches will provide information on the latest car associated with the license plate number.

  5. Do all Ohio license plate lookups work for custom or personalized plates?

    Ohio license plate searches allow individuals to look for vehicle histories, even if it is a customized plate. The information displayed is the same, considering the customized plate is linked to the VIN, which means all the required data is provided.