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Michigan License Plate Lookup

Check License Plate Now GoodCar's license plate lookup provides interested parties with the right information on their vehicles.
Michigan License Plate Lookup Michigan License Plate Lookup

How to check a vehicle's history by performing a Michigan License plate lookup

If a buyer wants to research their car thoroughly, including the specifications and full history, a Michigan license plate search is a useful resource. Thankfully, GoodCar offers consumers a thorough analysis that includes information on all features, accident histories, titling problems and recalls. Interested parties can use the resources given to find out if their vehicles have certain problems or if they are connected to any liabilities. It offers a complete range of records, including the places visited between production and present ownership. The platform is also an approved NMVTIS data provider.

License Plates

License Plates

Michigan license plate search gives customers a summary of the car's records from several departments. One way to check for problems is by looking for accident, fire, hail, or recall records. It also takes into account collisions or whether the car has been restored. GoodCar's vehicle history search also provides information on odometer readings, flood damage, junk or salvage titles, and hail damage histories.

Title records checks will also show that the car has undergone the appropriate inspections and has not been connected to any illegal activity. Prices and vehicle specs are provided, as well, so one may confirm the specifications offered.



The 17-digit code known as the Vehicle Identification Number is specific to each vehicle. Similar to a number plate, the vehicle identification number (VIN) can be used to check for recalls or previous accidents. Requesters can also access more technical specs, security features, and extra equipment. Parties can take note of odometer readings and title history by using Goodcar's vehicle history.

Reasons to Run License Plate Search in Michigan

Reasons to Run License Plate Search in Michigan

When buying a vehicle, checks are needed. If preferred, one can perform a license plate lookup online at their convenience instead of visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles. Customers may view vehicle history from the convenience of their homes with GoodCar. Online verification is available for several things, such as pricing, car specifications, and accident history, even if the vehicle is not physically present. The license search also confirms car-related statements made by private sellers.

Because the platform provides records related to vehicle history, it acts as an accountability partner for clients who require confirmation. By doing this, the possibility of legal culpability resulting from illegal action is eliminated. Handling stolen goods is prohibited in Michigan and is considered a serious crime, with a prolonged jail sentence coming as punishment.

What Can You Get Out of a Michigan License Plate Lookup?

Customers can obtain a detailed report on the car attributes, among other benefits, by conducting a Michigan plate search. This is a method that the buyer might employ as part of their due diligence to make sure they receive what the seller promises. Private sellers who lack integrity could misrepresent the vehicle's specifications or maintenance plan to increase the price. Thankfully, the car history records facilitate a transparent client environment, making it easy. Considering mileage fraud is high in Michigan, it would be advisable to perform checks as well.

Viewing a vehicle's specifications is also useful for prospective buyers and other interested parties. It is attractive to view these nuances in the comfort of one's own home. The requester can see all the details of a car, including the cost and whether or not it has been in an accident, without having to look at it in person.

It's also critical to acknowledge the benefit of titling checks from a liability perspective. If the car is stolen, it is important to prevent legal action. Theft checks are especially essential in this context. Michigan reported 21,909 motor vehicle thefts in 2021, which is an average of 212 per 100,000 residents. The possession of stolen merchandise is also illegal in the state, drawing a penalty of 5 years imprisonment for property valued $20,000. This increases the need for checks to avoid any liability that may fall on an interested party.

Vehicle Records

Vehicle Records

Information about a car's title history, liens, and registration are all included in the GoodCar's report. This data aids in confirming the vehicle's legitimacy as well as any related claims made by the vendor. This contains sales history records and title registration dates and locations, giving a better picture of the vehicle's history.

This is crucial for confirming whether the car has ever been involved in fraud or serious collisions. GoodCar's platey search, which provides a thorough history of the vehicle, is practical for each prospective vehicle purchaser.

Why Choose GoodCar for Michigan Plate Lookups?

Why Choose GoodCar for Michigan Plate Lookups?

Customers can view all of a car's history, including fire, hail, or flood damage, accident histories, title issues, and much more, using GoodCar's vehicle history search. It would be difficult to locate these records somewhere else. The data used by GoodCar comes from well-known public and private databases.

License Plate Types in Michigan

In 1905, Michigan became the first state in the union to require car registration for its citizens. Up to 1910, when the state started to provide license plates, registrants displayed their plates. As of 2022, the license plates are issued by The Michigan Secretary of State. However, it is important to note since 1981, only rear plates were needed for vehicle identification purposes.

Standard Issue License Plates

Standard Issue License Plates

When a car owner buys a new car or repairs a damaged one, they are given standard-issue Michigan license plates. Standard plates cost $5. Registration and plate personalization fees apply.

Personalized License plates

Personalized License plates

These plates are acquired from the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles and are customized to each individual's tastes. Owners of vehicles may wish to employ personalized messages, but the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles must approve them first. For original plate, you can apply online or at any Secretary of State office for a personalized plate. In addition to the registration charge, there will be a $30.00 non-refundable personalized service fee. When it comes to renewal, you can renew personalized plates at any self-service station, via mail, or online. At renewal, there is an additional $15 personalized service fee on top of the yearly plate fee. Although it costs $5, a second ornamental plate cannot be put on a vehicle as a registered plate.

Specialty License Plates

Specialty License Plates


People who want to be affiliated with specific groups, such as the military, charities, or people with disabilities, can apply for Michigan special interest plates. Other groups are colleges, antiques, or professional sports. For instance, it costs $35 for University fundraising plates. There are registration and plate customizing costs. For each plate sold, $25 is donated to the institution.


How to Get a License Plate in Michigan

How to Get a
License Plate in Michigan

Depending on the style of the plate, you can personalize it with up to 6 or 7 characters. The Michigan Department of State may examine any plate configuration and the said are contingent upon availability. According to state legislation, the department can refuse or grant a configuration. Therefore it is important to use just the digits 0–9 and the letters A–Z because symbols cannot be handled. One should also note that the number "0" is used in place of the letter "O." It should be also be considered that online colors, typefaces, and spacing should not match those on real plates.In addition, the ordering information is equally essential. Original plates can be applied online or at any Secretary of State office for a personalized plate. In addition to the registration charge, there is a $30.00 non-refundable personalized service fee.

MI License Plate Renewal

Regarding renewal, the personalized plates can be rejuvenated at any self-service station, via mail, or online. However, there is an additional $15 personalized service fee on top of the yearly plate fee. Although it costs $5, a second ornamental plate cannot be put on a vehicle as a registered plate.

MI License Plate Replacement

Standard plates can be purchased for as little as $5. The cost of a replacement plate is determined by the kind you select.

Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan License Plate Lookups

Frequently Asked Questions about
Michigan License Plate Lookups

  1. Is it Legal To Lookup Someone's License Plate Numbers in Michigan?

    It is legal to look up a person's license plate number in Michigan. One can use it to view the vehicle's history and major problems.

  2. Can I Lookup MI License Plates for Free?

    GoodCar gives users access to a complimentary search that identifies matched plates, but to view the complete report, customers have to pay a small fee. GoodCar offers purchase options for users for as low as $2.95.

  3. Can I use Michigan license plate lookup services to find out about a vehicle's accident history?

    The license plate lookup feature on GoodCar can be used to learn about an automobile's accident history. Accidents are accessible through the problem checks portion of the vehicle history reports. From these records, it is also possible to ascertain whether the car was salvaged, rebuilt, or crushed.

  4. If a vehicle has recently been sold, will the license plate lookup reflect the new owner's details?

    GoodCar provides information on the latest vehicle associated with the searched license plate number.

  5. Do all Michigan license plate lookups work for custom or personalized plates?

    The Michigan license plate lookup tool allows users to look for personalized or custom license plates. Given that the platform leverages data from the VIN as well as, both public and private databases regarding the particular car, it should display all of the vehicle's information as it would with a regular license plate.